5 Productivity Hacks For Your Morning Routine

Do you have similar experiences –– some days you wake up and feel very energetic, make yourself a good breakfast and put on delicate make-up, then go to work with confidence; whereas other days you feel exhausted from the get-go, slip into the classroom or office only to wait for the day to be over? A good morning routine can set the tone for your productivity for the entire day. Although there is no one best morning routine that fits everyone, here are 5 productivity hacks for you to consider.

Drink cold water

Are you tempted to get a cup of coffee or lemon juice to get your day started? Well, before you drink either of them, you should have a glass of cold water first. The reason is that after you wake up, you are dehydrated and water perks you up and gets your muscles and organs working, says Rania Batayneh, nutritionist and author of The One One One Diet. Also, drinking this one of the healthiest beverages in the world reduces your feeling of hunger, aids your digestive system, and freshers your body. A cup of cold water in the morning can prepare your physical condition for a productive day.

Enjoy the morning light

Do not keep yourself in dark after you wake up. Pull up your curtain and enjoy the morning light! Sunlight can brighten your mood, heighten your perception, and improve your performance of tasks. According to Dr. W. Christopher Winter, medical director for the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center in Charlottesville, Va., light tells your brain that the day has begun and sends signals to your body to stop producing melatonin which is the hormone that helps regular sleep. Another study (2014) conducted by the researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine also found that the exposure to morning light is associated with leaner body weights. Therefore, the morning light can improve both of your mental and physical conditions so that you can boost your productivity for the rest of your day.

Eat a high-protein breakfast

Have you ever felt tired and hungry in the middle of a day and therefore being distracted and unable to do your work? Well, if you are a breakfast-person, then one of the reasons might be that you did not have a good breakfast that morning. In this case, you should try to change your diet to increase your productivity. Protein may be your best choice for breakfast because it is the fuel for energy and helps you to stay full for a longer time. Having a high-protein breakfast will make you feel satisfied for the rest of your day! Also, consuming enough protein also helps you to stay focused on your tasks. Non-fat Greek yogurt, oat, fruit smoothies, and vegetable omelets are all good choices.


Exercising in the morning may not sound very exciting, especially when getting up from the bed has already been hard enough for you. However, it is a really good morning routine to develop. Exercise increases your focus on your later activities because your body is completely wakened. As the result, you will be more alert for the next a few hours. Some researches show that exercise is even more effective than caffeine, which, undoubtedly, will help you be more productive. You do not need to do some highly intensive training, instead, yoga, jogging, and walking are all good choices.

Reset your sleep clock

To do this, make a schedule for your morning first –– what you need to do, how long will each task take, and what time you need to leave home. According to your planned morning routine, you can calculate when you need to go to bed and when to get up so that you could get enough sleep. Then, the most important thing is to follow your plan! You may find it is difficult or even weird to go to bed at the scheduled time at first, but later it will get easier for you to follow your routine, and ultimately, start your productive day!

Here we go – 5 productivity hacks for your morning routine. Why not try these tips for your next morning to have a productive day?

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