5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity at Home

Productivity is the key to success. Though many of us spend most of our time at school or workplace, we still need to finish some personal or business tasks at home. However, there are so many distractions at home: your favorite show is playing on TV; your dog wants to go out; you want to check your Facebook and Instagram accounts; your neighbour is playing the rock music… How can you stay as productive as you possibly can be at home? Here are 5 simple tips to boost your productivity while working and studying at home.

Keep your distraction handy

Though we all need brain-breaks once in a while, perhaps reading a book, playing a game, humming a song, or watching a short YouTube video, you need to keep your distractions handy. You can place whatever you need for the break close by you, but remember to tuck them out of sight. The less you see them, the more focused you will be. Also, you should eliminate all other distractions. Unplugging your TV, turning off your phone, and keeping your pets out of the room are good examples to avoid your distractions. Moreover, if you are afraid that you will just keep relaxing on and on, set an alarm clock for 5-10 minutes so that when it rings, you know it is the time to stop.

Clean up your space

A clean and tidy atmosphere can help you work/study productively. Take a few minutes to tidy up space before you begin to work/study:

  • Wipe off any dirt or dust on your desk.
  • Throw away garbages like a can of soda or candy wrappers.
  • Put away all things that you will not need.
  • Organize papers logically. Papers that you need to work on can be in one pile while papers that have been completed can be in another.
  • Keep your supplies organized. Have all your basic office supplies close by.

A neat workplace can be very beneficial to boosting your productivity.

Write down your plan

A step-by-step plan of all the things you need to do in a certain period of time is very helpful. Write down all your tasks and prioritize them first, then plan your time according to them as detailed and precise as possible. Your plan should tell you exactly what you need to do at a certain time to achieve your goals.

For instance, your schedule for a weekday night could look like this:

6:00 pm, get home and make dinner.

6:30 pm, have dinner and watch some TV shows

7:30 pm, finish dinner, clean up the table, and start learning Module 1 of the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics’ online course

8:30 pm, have a 15-minute break

8:45 pm, continue learning Module 1

9:30 pm, finish learning and relax

11:00 pm, wash up and go to bed

Being organized is key in order to be productive since it will help you focus more on the things that matter to you and away from distractions. Also, writing down your plan can let you realize how much time you spend on each task and revise them in the future to achieve an even better result.

Leverage physical exercise

Apart from being crucial to your health, appropriate physical exercise can also boost your productivity. Studies have shown that exercise can clear your mind and improve your focus and the energy level afterwards.

You can choose to exercise before work so that you can start your work on the right foot, or you can exercise during your break to refresh your mind and feel energized. The exercise you choose does not need to be as intense as HIIT or running; yoga, jogging, and walking are great choices as well. Physical exercise is a great asset to both health and productivity. Use it smartly and take advantage of the time to relax and feel your body sensations.

Reflect on your day

We have talked about the idea of reflection in our previous blog post “5 Tips to Achieve Your SMART Goals.” At the end of the day, spend a few minutes to think about what you have achieved, if they meet your goals, how you could maintain your progress or improve it, what are the things that you are not satisfied with, and how you can change them. By reflecting on your performance, you can revise your future plan in order to work more efficiently and productively.

Now, are you ready to be productive and crush your goals?

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