6 Careers a Medical Aesthetics Certification Can Get You

People often believe that once they have a Medical Aesthetics certification, they’ll only be eligible for one job position—a Medical Aesthetician. However, that’s not the case. The Medical Aesthetics industry is one of extremely high demand, and attaining this certification can lead you down many different career paths depending on what aspect of the industry interests you most. Read on to learn about 6 careers that can stem from a Medical Aesthetics certification.

#1. Medical Laser Technician

Medical Laser Technicians perform cosmetic procedures ranging from skin imperfections such as tattoo removal or skin tightening, to LASIK eye surgery, and many things in between. These technicians are often employed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons or ophthalmologists.

#2. Skincare Specialist

Skincare specialists are Medical Aestheticians who aid clients that have skin imperfections due to circumstances such as illness, injuries or surgeries. These specialists provide skin care treatment, makeup tips and other advice to help their patients look and feel their best. Medical Aestheticians often work in healthcare facilities, salons or spas.

#3. Clinical Instructor

Clinical trainers are typically employed in health centers such as hospitals, clinics or diagnostic labs. They can also be employed in academic settings. Trainers can focus on various skills, such as nursing skills, dentistry or veterinary medicine. If you prefer to stick to the medical aesthetics field after graduation, there are many training positions for this industry as well!

#4. Medical Consultant

Medical consultants assist healthcare providers with any business-related issues, so they can focus their priority to treating patients. As a medical consultant, you will be helping to improve physicians and healthcare facilities by analyzing data, drawing conclusions and presenting findings and recommendations for clients.

#5. Spa Therapist

Spa therapists perform various spa treatments and techniques on their clients such as massages, body scrubs and wraps or other therapeutic procedures. Spa therapists will typically work in a spa setting, which could include (but are not limited to) medi-spas, day spas or resort spas.

#6. Certified Esthetician

The duties of a certified aesthetician are quite varied. Generally, aestheticians provide a variety of non-medical cosmetic treatments such as deep skin cleansing, hair removal or massages. Estheticians typically work in a spa or salon environment. Although there are various careers you can get with a Medical Aesthetics certification, each has one thing in common: each position is motivated by the satisfaction of helping others achieve their desired outcomes. A Medical Aesthetics certificate can help open many opportunities, you just have to choose which career is best for you!

Medical Aesthetics Certification

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