Advanced Medical Aesthetics Course

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How will the advanced medical aesthetics course help you?

Stay up to date on the best practices and latest innovations in this rapidly evolving market

Our experts will be coaching you and continuously guiding you towards success

Our one on one mentorship program will give you added value that you will not find elsewhere. You will learn from industry leaders what it takes to achieve a high level of success to save you years of trial and error. 

Learn how to handle difficult clients and build a loyal clientele

We will teach you how to handle every possible scenario that could happen in clinic so that you’re always prepared and never taken by surprise. 

Get to the top of your medical aesthetics career

Have your own team of experts in your corner focusing solely on propelling your career and medical aesthetics practice forward. Improve your skills and learn advanced techniques to set yourself & your business apart. 

Overview of the advanced medical aesthetics program

01. Modern radiofrequency technologies

An in-dept study of the different lasers in the current market and the treatments that can be offered with these technologies. A detailed analysis of the best practices of radiofrequency treatment combinations according to their specialty to treat different skin conditions.

02. Coolsculpting & Hotsculpting

Coolsculpting and hotsculpting treatments offer the same results as liposuction, but without surgery. You will learn these procedures in detail. This revolutionary treatment has turned the medical-aesthetic industry upside down. The mastery of this treatment is the new standard for being a leader in medical aesthetics.

03. Advanced microneedling

The advanced microneedling module covers all possible protocols and combination of treatments to enable you, as a leader in medical aesthetics, to deliver better results to your clients and to treat more complex conditions. You will learn about the latest advances in microneedling technology, which, unlike traditional microneedling, combines other technologies.

04. Skin pigmentation

In-depth study of the different types of pigmentation such as melasma, sun spots, aging spots and solar lentigines. You will learn the combinations of treatments and medical-grade products to treat different pigmentation problems.

05. Laser gynecology

Study of all types of medical lasers as well as all types of skin resurfacing treatments that these technologies will allow you to offer to your clients such as vaginal rejuvenation, deep facial wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.

06. The art of communication in customer service

You will learn how to deal with different scenarios that can arise in clinic as well as handle difficult clients while establishing a bond of trust with your clientele.

07. In clinic complications

This module covers all the risks and possible complications related to your practice as a medical aesthetician. You will learn how to professionally handle these situations in isolated cases.

Become a leader in medical aesthetics with our coaching

Learn advanced techniques to stand out and develop your client base

Thanks to our one-on-one mentorship, you will reach new heights as a medical aesthetician. Our expert’s support will allow you to considerably increase your income by offering the best quality of service to your clients, thus allowing you to retain your customers and grow your business. In addition, you will get business and marketing advice to be more successful in your career and to enable you to become a reference in medical aesthetics.

What are the advantages of our advanced medical aesthetics course?

Do you have a busy schedule? Take advantage of our 100% online program that adapts to your schedule over a period of 8 weeks

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Advance your career

Improve your skills and stand out

Stay up to date by learning the latest techniques and innovations in this rapidly changing market. Learn real-life clinical scenarios and get marketing tips to grow your customer base.

Gain confidence, get more customers and recognition.

Stand out as a leader in medical aesthetics!

Take advantage of the help of industry experts who will be part of your team of consultants. We provide you with the tools and the confidence you need to become an expert in medical aesthetics and take control of your career! You’ll be ready to do the job you love, increase your income, and be your own boss!

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Precious 6 months mentorship

Multiple financing options

If you’re interested in the medical Aesthetics training program but need a little help, we’ve got good news: we offer multiple financing options adapted to your financial situation. Plus, we’ve partnered with Pay Bright to offer flexible financing options at preferred rates. Apply today and don’t miss out on upcoming program dates! Send us an email to get started.

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