Botox – Top 5 Questions About Botox Asked and Answered


Botox is a treatment that is used to either treat legitimate health problems or as a cosmetic procedure. If you’re reading this, it’s more likely that you’re interested in it as a cosmetic rather than a health treatment. The overall aim when people choose to use botox as a cosmetic procedure is to weaken or paralyze specific muscles which has a result of minimizing wrinkles and undesirable lines on the facial area and ultimately creating a younger look.

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Will Botox Hurt?

One of the most popular questions asked by those considering getting botox is if the procedure will hurt or not. The answer here is likely not. We’re not saying that you’ll particularly enjoy the process but it will not create an excruciating pain. Often previous patients describe will say the injection, which is done using a micro-needle, as a tiny pinch at the location of the needle. At first it may come unexpected, but after a few, you likely won’t have to worry about the process hurting once you recognize the feeling.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

There is no clear answer for this question but we can give you a rough idea. Typically, patients will see results that last anywhere from 3 to 6 months or even up to 12 months. This is quite a large gap and is usually dependant on where the botox is getting injected as well as the amount that gets injected.


Are there Any Side Effects?

As with any procedure done to your body, you likely want to know if there are any repercussions that come with injecting botox. Truth is, not really. Assuming side effects would be considered semi-long to long term effects, this is very unlikely. There might be some short term effects such as bruising or some area experiencing redness. These will typically go away a day or 2 after the procedure happens. Anything more serious than that is highly unlikely and is usually limited to those who may have other medical conditions in which case, you should consult a professional before choosing to get botox.

Can Men Use Botox?

Yes! There are surprising amount of men that choose to get this treatment on a regular basis. You likely have at least one male in your close circle who has gotten injections and you don’t even realize it. Reported numbers on users can range anywhere from 5 – 30 per cent of patients are male, of course depending on the location and specialization of the professional doing the injection. We won’t get too into these details but the point is, men are fully able to use botox, and many have been for awhile now!

How Much Money Will Botox Cost?

It would be impossible to give you a single number for this question, but we will try and break it down a bit for you. There are many variables when it comes to the cost of botox. First of all, the amount you either need or desire will greatly affect then final cost. The person who does it may also charge more or less than others. Even something so simple as the location of the botox will have an effect on price. There are also many places that will offer various types of deals and have implemented loyalty programs for customers who may be considered “regulars.”

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Is Botox Right for You?

There are many things you may want to consider before choosing to get this treatment. If you’re unsure of whether or not botox is right for you, you should consult a professional. This will simply ensure you get the most out of your money and time.


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