Coolsculpting & Hotsculpting

The Revolutionary Science of CoolSculpting and HotSculpting

A more recent advance in the field of body contouring is the advent of Coolsculpting and Hotsculpting. Both are non-invasive procedures, that unlike liposuction, do not result in scars, anesthetic risks, or other surgical complications. They achieve body contouring results by placing an external applicator over the target area where fat is to be removed. Coolsculpting uses controlled localized freezing to achieve its results. On the other hand, Hotsculpting uses heat through radiofrequency energy or other means to achieve its results.

The principle through which Coolsculpting works is by engulfing the target area in a freezing temperature at which fat cells are destroyed. The other body tissues (blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, etc.) are unaffected at this level of freezing as their temperature “set points” for cell death are different than fat tissues. The fat destruction is permanent as the dead fat cells are cleared up, and disposed of, by immune cells in the body. The relatively slow immune process explains the lag time of weeks it takes for the results of fat reduction to show with Coolsculpting.

Overall, each Coolsculpting session results in much less permanent fat removal compared to liposuction (about 20-25% with Coolsculpting compared to up to 70% with liposuction). Nevertheless, the fat reduction with Coolsculpting is permanent, pain free, scarless, has minimal risks and is gradual. The last point is important as the gradual results look more natural compared to liposuction and the body has time to acclimate to the fat loss resulting in less saggy skin as is seen with liposuction. Moreover, Coolsculpting treatments can be repeated over the same area resulting in another 20-25% fat loss with each treatment.

Trained Medical Aestheticians do not perform liposuction as this procedure requires medical and surgical training and is performed by doctors. Nevertheless, Medical Aestheticians will come in frequent contact with clients who are either appropriate for, or actively considering, liposuction for fat loss. It is a great opportunity, as well as a responsibility, for the Medical Aestheticians to educate the client on the different options for weight loss as well as body contouring.

While the Medical Aestheticians is not licensed or trained to perform liposuction, she or he should be able to discuss how liposuction contrasts to Coolsculpting, Hotsculpting, and other fat loss and body contouring treatments. A proper Medical Esthetics or Medical Esthetics training course or program should give the Medical Aesthetic ample comfort and experience with non-invasive body contouring treatments for fat loss such as Coolsculpting and Hotsculpting.

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