How to become a Medical Aesthetician in Canada ?

Medical Aesthetician is a person who has been trained in performing laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and many other treatments related to a skin salon. To boost the physical image of customers. Burn victims, cancer patients, and non-surgical operations are conducted by medical aestheticians. This is a great career opportunity that is quickly expanding and there are more work openings. There are many courses available to attend here in Canada, which means a degree in medical school. Aesthetics work on the physical image of customers like Burn victims, cancer patients, and non-surgical operations are conducted by medical estheticians. This is a great career opportunity that is quickly expanding and there are more work openings. There are many courses available to attend here in Canada, which means a degree in medical school.

Medical Aesthetician

Medical Aesthetics Diploma

Medical Aestheticians Diploma is roughly a 10-week program, including the following; facials, pedicures, introduction to botox, filler, and other body massage treatments. As the social rage of anti-aging procedures is becoming globally more popular, it has given medical aestheticians and other health care workers more opportunities to incorporate into their practices. For high-school students, chemistry is not mandatory which is a major difference compared to medical school. This is an easier option, sufficient, and is a well-paying job. 

There is a wide range of jobs you can get after successfully achieving the certificate from a Dermatology clinic to a salon all options are open. While attending a program, it will include basic knowledge about anatomy, physiology, and neurology. This course of study is based on the many procedures you will be able to master after hours of practice. The course also includes some practical skills such as clinical practice and patient care. There are some prerequisite steps that must be taken including, a successful interview, an entrance evaluation, a high-school diploma, a medical clearance certificate, and being at least 18 years of age. 

There are two major steps to become a fully licensed Medical Aesthetician. Firstly, the first session of the course will be a 4-week online course teaching students the theory behind each and every treatment. This can be done on the side which is great for people who have full-time jobs and would like a career change. Furthermore, anyone from around the world can attend this portion be it America, Kenya, Italy everyone is welcome! There are 12 chapters to this component which will develop better understandings for the students.

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What You Will Learn To Become A Medical Aesthetician in Canada

Skin Care 

This outlines the history and evolution of the spa industry. It prepares students by educating them about the different skin types, skin conditions, and how to further treat them. This chapter also covers acne, facials, hydrating, anti-ageing, electro-therapy, and various electric modalities used during facial treatments such as galvanic and high frequency.

Nail Care 

Provides students with basic knowledge and fundamental techniques required to perform manicures and pedicure treatments using special equipment and nail care products client consultations, proper sanitation, paraffin application, hand massage, and polish application including regular French nails and acrylics.

Body Care 

Reviews human anatomy, histology, and physiology of the skin. It stretches the learning of the body systems as they pertain to body treatments performed by the Medical Aesthetician in the work environment and setting. Students begin to learn about the different cosmetic massage treatments and body therapies, recommendations for clients, and body care client consultation. Treatments performed include: BodyMassage, Hot Stones massage and body wraps.

Medical Aesthetician

Hair Removal

Outlines the different types of hair removal methods. Both temporary and permanent, it also teaches students on epilation and waxing. Learning how to wax each part of the body and face is practiced. An understanding of the structure and functions of hair enables the learner to differentiate between normal and unusual hair growth.

Filler and Botox 

Knowing the common medical terminology is required. This chapter will familiarize students with the most common terms that will be used in their day-to-day interactions with doctors and patients.

Makeup Artistry

Learning the basics of features, face shapes, different techniques of professional makeup artistry, and bow and lash enhancements. Students will learn which colour combinations suit which facial shapes and features.

Interpersonal Skills

 Understanding the importance of effective communication when dealing with clients and management in the workplace. Learning how to develop and establish a healthy workplace. Keeping a positive attitude will help boost your career.

Medical Aesthetician

Consultative Skills

Guest care and service, the value of attitude, and retention of guests and sales skills are highlighted. Students develop advisory sales strategies that can be used to address consumer concerns and offer personalized treatment solutions and product reviews to consumers. A sales plan enables the salesperson to work closely with the customer to identify the most suitable services and goods, while at the same time offering the best value.


Introduces students to a variety of Laser and new technologies used in Medi-Spa Clinics by Medical Aestheticians.

Medical Operations

 For all aspects of opening, operating, and managing a profitable Medi-Spa business, students. Students learn about: adequate insurance coverage, knowledge of available funding methods, how to complete a professional business plan, social skills that are interpersonal, verbal, and non-verbal, guest care and service, sales skills, and the value of attitude.

Students learn the significance of retention of visitors, transparency and accountability, retailing, and other revenue-increasing strategies.

Chemical+Mechanical exfoliation

Introduction to chemical and mechanical methods of exfoliation. Students are introduced to proper protocols to follow before and after providing treatments. Students perform facial peels in a clinical environment with real hands-on experience with Glycolic, Lactic, Swiss Med, Salicylic, and AFA Peels.


In addition to medical aesthetic services such as laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, skin tag removal, laser vascular lesion reduction, laser cellulite reduction a laser acne treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, students can conduct all basic aesthetic services in our clinic setting. Secondly, by attending the hands-on workshop, all treatments that have been learned online can be put into realistic testing. It would be in the atmosphere of a clinic, collaborating with professionals. Getting familiar with and working on patients with the instruments.

You are being monitored by experts, including a physician and other estheticians, who have acquired more than four years of experience during this process. Also, obtain the information you’ve learned from the first session listed above. You can find a job successfully after you have passed and received the certificate and begin practicing.

Medical Aesthetician

A School For Natural Medical Aestheticians

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