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Learn from industry-leading instructors in our medical esthetician program of 8 weeks of online theory work, 1 week practicum with hands on training, and a one-of-a-kind comprehensive program. 

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Our comprehensive medical esthetician training program will give you the tools and confidence you need to become a leading Medical Esthetician and take control of your career with earning a potential of over $60,000 per year!

Certification in Medical Aesthetics within a record period of time

Hands on training on live models

Convenient distance education component

Comprehensive Training on all medical esthetician procedures

Opportunities in many spas across Canada

A career in a growing and thriving industry

Train and work alongside top doctors, nurses, and medical technicians

Intensive 1 week classroom program

Job readiness guarantee

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Start a new medical esthetician career in 8 weeks

Access a wide range of jobs and career options to put your skills into practice in medical aesthetic clinics. The training at the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics includes online theory and an intensive one week practicum.

Learn from experts

It’s one thing to study at home and read resources online, but nothing compares to hands-on training and clinical experience. Once you have successfully completed the online modules, you will be invited to practice with professionals in clinic.

What is a medical esthetician?

Medical aesthetics is a non-invasive practice that has undergone enormous evolution in recent years and that offer results similar to plastic surgery, without the drawbacks. It is an inclusive term for specialized treatments that focus on improving cosmetic appearance through medical aesthetic technologies and procedures.

What do medical esthetician do?

A medical esthetician works in beauty salons and offers pampering services while medical aestheticians treat a variety of conditions using powerful technologies. Medical estheticians often work alongside doctors and nurses in clinics to treat patients with aesthetic issues that can be resolved with professional intervention.

Medical Esthetician

Overview of the medical esthetician program

01. Skin and hair biology

It is a comprehensive module that covers the basics of skin and hair scientific terms that you will be using on a daily basis in the context of the treatments you are going to offer in your profession.

02. Physics of laser

You will learn about the uses and intensities of the different types of laser and their effect on the skin. You will become familiar with the scientific language used in the context of treatments with laser equipment.

03. Intense pulse light (IPL)

You will see all the treatment protocols that can be done with IPL, the conditions that can be treated with IPL as well as the treatments administered with this technology such as permanent hair removal, the treatment of pigment spots, acne, and photorejuvenation.

04. Radiofrequency

All the types of radiofrequency that exist on the market and their effectiveness, the different treatment protocols such as skin tightening, treatment of cellulite and fat loss.

05. Skin resurfacing

The different types of fractional lasers that exist on the current market and their respective intensities. This treatment is administered to treat wrinkles, stretch marks and scars as well as treatment protocols.

06. Medical grade skincare products

You will learn the protocols of the various medical grade Zo Skin Health products and how to combine them to treat a wide range of conditions.

07. Medical aesthetic procedures

This module will teach you how to perform medical aesthetic procedures that are in high demand such as dermaplaning, chemical peels and microneedling.

08. Practicum

Intensive practicum over a period of one week with real patients in clinic under the supervision of our professionals. This practical experience will allow you to anchor your knowledge and will prepare you to start your medical aesthetics practice.

How Does Our Medical Esthetician Course Work?

Our course is a two-step process that completely prepares you to become a leader in medical aesthetics.

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First step

Online Theory

Take advantage of access to our 8-week online program through which you will gain valuable knowledge. Our course can easily be taken from the comfort of your home – even with a full-time job. This step will prepare you for our specialized clinical training.

In-Clinic Practicum With Real Patients

We provide you with all the tools and the confidence you need to become a leader in medical aesthetics. Classes are small which means you will have more one-on-one practice with your instructors! You will have the chance to practice on real patients.

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Second step

Medical Eshtetician procedures covered in our program


Chemical peeling


Medical Esthetician




Medical Esthetician

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"Overall my experience at this school was enjoyable. I was happy that learning environment wasn’t the stressful at all and that the staff was friendly and informative. If you are looking to learn Cool Sculpting, Microneedling, Chemical Peels etc., give the clinic a call and they can go over what you learn during the course."
''Did my online theory course and in person practicum with the School of Natural Medical aesthetics, and I absolutely loved it. My instructor Michelle did a great job explaining everything and making us feel confident going forward!"