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School of Natural Medical Aesthetics


School of Natural Medical Aesthetics has trained stay-at-home moms, real estate agents, department store clerks, administrative employees, waitresses, and a sea of other individuals that come from all types of different background. You are not alone in wanting to make a change for yourself. You can take our comprehensive medical aesthetics training program that will give you the tools and confidence you need to become a leading Medical Aesthetician and take control of your career with earning potential over $60,000 per year! At the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics, we train you to safely and effectively deliver in-demand treatments such as laser hair removal, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin tightening, and so much more. Our classes are taught by experts who have been in this field for many years. We also provide hands-on clinical training within our leading medical spa where you will use state-of-the-art lasers to practice on real clientele.

Career Changers FAQ's

The answer is no! While a familiarity of the skin care industry may prove to be helpful for some, many of our graduates who have since gone on to become medical aesthetics providers have had no previous aesthetic experience when they started. Anyone can become a medical esthetician soccer moms, secretaries, sales professionals, teachers and more. The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics’s students come from all walks of life, with many different levels of experience. The one thing they all have in common is a passion for the business of making people look younger and more beautiful!
We provide training in Laser Hair Removal and Intense Pulse Light Photo Facials (for treating age spots, sun damage, broken capillaries, acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, skin tone & more on both the face, chest, hands and other body parts). We train on IPL Hair Removal, Fractional Laser Wrinkle Reduction, Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, Laser Acne Reduction, Laser Vein Reduction, Laser Cellulite Reduction, Laser Facials, and advanced Chemical Peels.
We receive a number of inquiries from locations seeking individuals with medical esthetics experience. As they come in, we distribute these to alumni. We will do anything in our power to assist you in your job search or help you acquire the tools and information you need. While no school in the country can “guarantee” you a job, we are confident that after attending our school that you will have the best experience and knowledge to find a job.
There are courses on the market that are as low as $2000 to as high as $10,000. You will find that most of these courses offer anywhere from 16 hours to 100 hours of education. On a hourly basis, we are extremely competitive. However, we are not the least expensive school out there and never will be. We truly believe you get what you pay for. If you are seeking training by way of a comprehensive and high quality program, then the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics is the premier choice. One of the keys for us delivering a superior education is everything is presented in an organized and supervised program. We feel it is crucial that your education is a day-to-day continuous instruction presented in a structured fashion. Your course will start the didactic (classroom) portion of the program. The next day you´ll start your hands-on/clinical portion of the course in our state of the art medical spa, which is on site.
The best of the best! Bottom line, we utilize the most reputable, fastest growing and most widely recognized manufacturers in laser/IPL in the country. We believe it is imperative to avoid training on lesser known, smaller company’s equipment. Far more important then the equipment you train on is the skill sets you learn with regards to techniques and safety protocols. In your medical aesthetics career you will most likely use a variety of equipment and its quite simple to shift from one to the next, the key to success is your foundation of knowledge you learn that can be applied universally to all types of equipment. There are many different quality brands of equipment, and that is important but knowledge is the true power.
Easy, our course provides superior hands on training during our 2 weeks in clinic hands on training on real people. We feel for you to practice what you learn in a real world setting is far more advantageous then a classroom setting. We provide a convenient distance education component to our program so you can learn while having a full time job. Our integrated and well thought out curriculum is designed to ensure success. We also offer support and help to postgraduate to guide and answer questions they may have after they enter the field.
Of course not! However, after you graduate from the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics and embark upon your medical esthetics career you will learn more and more every day. It always takes time to become an expert, but the key to quickly achieving those goals is a solid foundation that gives you all the tools you need to feel confident and competent at your job.


We can’t wait to meet you and help you start your Medical Aesthetician journey.

“Overall my experience at this school was enjoyable. I was happy that learning environment wasn’t the stressful at all and that the staff was friendly and informative. If you are looking to learn Cool Sculpting, Microneedling, Chemical Peels etc., give the clinic a call and they can go over what you learn during the course.”
"I enjoyed this course. It was very hands on! I would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in medical aesthetics. Quick way to start a career in 6 weeks!"
“Hands on experience is where I learned the most. Educators are great, classes are small enough to be able to feel like you can get your questions answered and get enough hands on experience. I feel like I have an understanding of the machines used, and also what is happening with the skin/body. Facility is clean and other staff also pleasant. Would recommend for anyone that is interested in specializing in any of the treatments offered.”



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