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The weekly Zoom calls were nice to be able to ask questions. The practical part was the best. It was nice to be able to apply the knowledge learned, made things make more sense. I felt like there was a lot of exams lol :p I feel like the smaller group makes a big difference too. If there was too many, I feel like I wouldn't have got a good amount of practice. Loved Micheala, she was super awesome 🙂
I don't have anything I would change. The course was all over great. Tuition can always be a bit of a scare but it was worth it! The practicum was a perfect ratio of theory and hands on. I felt comfortable applying my knowledge learnt and gained confidence with how much hands on I had.
Dayna Stasiuk
Instructors were so amazing from the time we walked into the clinic to graduation they made sure we were comfortable and thorough explained the course content. I loved being able to treat real clients from the clinic it really helped me prepare for a job in this field. I would highly recommend anyone to this course if they had interest in medical aesthetics
Reena Welder
I can't get over how nice the teachers were! they explained everything really well and helped me understand everything more. I liked the powerpoints in the morning and we get to write as much notes as we wanted and then tell when we're done. Working on real clients was really good to have in the practicums! It showed how our teachers and other students dealt with clients and that's awesome!
Jordyn Verhelst
I am very happy I took this course. It is a fast & easy way of receiving your medical aesthetics certificate. It's nice meeting different people across Canada & it's a nice way to visit another province. The material I learnt made me confident enough to perform in a medical spa setting. Thank-you School of Natural Medical Aesthetics & team!
Laura Coppola
I've travel all over Canada these year for different training. I'm a big city girl who's lived in a town for the past 10 years, so I feel like I have enough experience to confidently say this is the best training I've taken and I would recommend to many (and I have lol). The instructors I'll always remember they were very encouraging and had the best answers, that I could understand and helped me. I feel confident going home, I know I could immediately start working with clients. Thank you
Michelle Nirmalan
This course provided so much useful information both online and in person. The theory portion really prepares you for the practical portion. 6 weeks is a short amount of time but they've really managed to prepare you for the work force in that time frame. I'm impressed by how confident I feel after taking this course.
Raven Yorke
-I really enjoyed this course. It was very well organized, the theory had a lot of detailed information to help prepare for the hands on portion which I felt helped take out the surprise of what to expect for the 2 week portion. -It was very professional, and our teachers were very informative, and were able to answer any questions thrown at them. Would 100% recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking it.
Nikki Wiebe
I think that the combination of book work and hands on practicals really set you up to succeed! The learning aspect of it was made fun. The teachers/staff are all super nice and friendly. I would definately recommend the school because of its positive environment and amazing teachers!
Madison Krentz
This school has provided me with all the knowledge & hands on experience that I need to enter into the field of Medical Aesthetics. The instructors were very professional & full of knowledge which helped tremendously with all the of the questions that our class had brought to their attention. In conclusion, I would recommend this program to anyone at any age that has interest in this field. You leave with a great feeling of accomplishment & understanding.
Donna Cole
Through my experience in this course, I would highly recommend the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics. For myself I loved the cosmetic industry and found that this course promised bigger opportunity as well as help enhance the natural beauty in clients with healthy standards. In the online portion, I was able to manage my daily routines and work life. Th history and knowledge made it easier to understand the purpose of the treatments before seeing them in action. Once I arrived in Regina for the two week practicum, I expected a big busy environment but found it was small and very welcoming. My classmates of two were kind and just as nervous as I was but we built a strong relationship in two weeks while working together. Our teachers were caring, relatable, and open to any and all questions which made me more confident throughout my learning . The theory was straightforward and the hands on practicum was my favorite part about the course. Through this 6 week course I have learned lots about the body and skin. I enjoyed every day and found something interesting I didn't know prior. I want to say thank you to the instructors and everyone who made the learning experience memorable! I will be looking forward to expanding my skills in this career and encourage people with aesthetic interest to consider Medical aesthetics.
Kennedy Carl
There is a friendly atmosphere in the school and all teachers and staff are just amazing. All teachers are helpful and passionate with training the students in medical aesthetics. having a long history in the medical field the past 4 years as a medical lab technologist and hairstylist, I wanted to advance my career within the medical + beauty industry, I was very happy that I can combine the two in providing my skills in both on patients/clients for their care in health, both in beauty + healthcare. Once I was accepted in the program at Natural Medical Aesthetics I was very excited, I travelled from Toronto to Regina, Saskatchewan and met 2 of my teachers Allyssa and Jessica who were extremely thorough and professional, very personable teachers where they wanted me to exceed in my new profession with knowledge both in theory + in practical hands on training. I attended and pursued to all my classes and really enjoyed every moment in advancing my career with all the skills in Advanced medical aesthetics and so I thank you for my future venture as I hope to open my medical spa in the future in Toronto to provide health + Beauty wellness for my future patients.
Zouka Kabbara
If your thinking about training Medical Aesthetics I highly recommend School of natural Medical Aesthetics. The staff was super helpful in getting me started and answered all of my questions. As a mom of 3 young children the online modules were manageable with at home & work life. When I arrived in Regina for the two week practicum and walked into the classroom I felt right at home. Allyssa was very professional, caring and provided so much information that was easy and understable. Jessica our cool sculpting teacher was amazing at helping us understand all the concepts. As I walk out with my Medical Aesthetics certificate I am confident with everything I learned and am excited to start work in our medical spa in my home town. Thank you for making my experience away so comfortable and giving me all the skills & knowledge to continue in my career with medical aesthetics.
Rikki Aulette
absolutely loved the class. micro needling was by far my favorite part. very informative, & great material. Educators are very friendly & comforting during procedures. they appear confident & knowledgable
Ty-ara Fossum
I enjoyed my time learning here. The teachers made everything clear and easy to understand. The course did teach me a lot about everything I wished to learn about! Great start times, very clear lessons and great videos!
Classes were great, very informative and the instructors were very knowledgeable. Clean facility.
Halima Alli
I think it was great! I was worried the first week with all the information and notes, but once I actually was able to apply everything I had learned I was much more comfortable. The atmosphere was great, I felt very comfortable here with doing hands on work.
I would recommend the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics to anyone interested in this field. It is a great opportunity. The course is thorough and very organized. The teachers are kind, friendly and very knowledgeable. They truly made you feel as if you were a part of their team.If you had any questions, they were always there to answer. It was really nice to have dedicated clinical days to learning and doing one treatment at a time. I loved every second of it. I am more excited now than I was when I first decided to start the course because of my teachers and staff. Thanks for such a great learning experience and course.Your skills, knowledge, kindness and patient care are wonderful. Keep up the emazing job and thank you for the amazing experience!
My overall experience here at the clinic was a positive one. Everyone was very nice and professional. Jessica is an amazing instructor and a wealth of knowledge. I feel I got a great deal of resources and help here and it has given me the confidence to open and operate my own clinic. There wasn’t a question that wasn’t answered when I had one. I loved the cleanliness of the clinic and the decor. It was very welcoming. All the services I have learned, I feel confident in and able to perform on my own. Having the experience to work in this clinic was amazing and worth it to me. I hope there is more classes you can offer because I would definitely sign up!
This course provided a great overview of the medial aesthetics profession. There was a good balance of classroom and hands on training. Having the chance to learn various devices, treatments and techniques was great! Instructors were knowledgeable and very helpful. I really enjoyed the 4 weeks of online training prior to the course. Practical aspect gave lots of opportunity to try treatments and learn from watching other students perform the treatment.
Hands on experience was the best part of the program. I liked that the classes are pretty small which is great in getting enough hands on experience, and getting all my questions answered. Overall, i like the clinic, educators and staff. I feel like I have a good understanding of the machines used at this clinic.
Overall, I thought the course had a good layout of online and then practical experience. Very friendly staff and understanding. I enjoyed my time here!
All in all I enjoyed the course. I hope I am ready to further a career in medical esthetics.
I thought the course was great. Very hands on. Instructors really pushed us so we could learn which is always good. I think a lot of the time we did sit around quiet a bit is because we had to wait for instructors to organize themselves.
Overall, I thought the course had a good layout of online and then practical experience. Very friendly staff and understanding. I enjoyed my time here!
Overall the experience for this course was very nice! The staff at the clinic was always very friendly, which in my opinion is the most important part. Learning is not enjoyable when people are rude and unhelpful. So that was very nice. The clinic seems very clean + professional and I honestly prefer a more laid-back environment for learning so I enjoyed that our schedule wasn’t stressful. The only suggestion I have would be to make the website a bit more tailored to the course. Some of the information on the website made it seem like the course was a bit more in-depth and that we would be learning more treatments.
I was really glad I took this course for many reasons. From start to finish I thought everything was well done. The website is colourful and appealing with lots of information. The process of getting in contanct with Maha and receiving all the modules was a breeze. My favourite part was the practicum because I loved how much hands on practice we were getting. I feel comfortable and confident enough to start working in a clinic.
I really enjoyed my time in this clinic and training. Everything was very informative and felt natural to do. This training was Fantastic with answering questions going over everything. I wish I had more time with the hands on portion and less online training, making the online more condensed. I could definitely see myself working in a professional clinic like this one. I only had issues when I first started my education with get a hold of the educator that was sending my information. She was not able to answer questions, reply in a timely manner. And when I had called to go over my frustrations I was hung up on. But other than that I will recommend people to this training and even for treatment.
The school of natural medical aesthetics 6 week program was a great experience and I'm glad I decided to do it, definitely worth it! The amount of information I learned during the 4 week theory and how it ties into the 2 week practicum very informative. and the sit down training then experiencing how the treatments are performed then performing them for yourself is very helpful on understanding each treatment. Overall, I felt that I've learned a lot and have received more than enough basic knowledge to be able to go to another clinic and perform them correctly. Very happy with my overall experience doing this program.
montana carver
I would definitely recommend the school to anyone looking for training in a wide variety of procedures in medical aesthetics. Course knowledge was through and the training was in-depth. The course facilitators were knowledgeable and friendly and the clinic is top-notch. The clinical portion was very hands on with lots of constructive teaching. I am leaving the course confident in my abilities to use the knowledge I have gained. Thanx to Jessica and Micayla for all your help and patience. And to the rest of the staff, it was great meeting you.
I am very glad that I chose the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics as my career option. This is a decision that no one will ever regret.
Textbook and information given in binder are great to use when referring back on theory.Excellent hands on learning - full days of appointments ( applying theory to practice) Hands on learning and doing injections on actual patients with the guidance from the instructor beside you
This course was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I enjoyed learning about lasers, skin, hair and so on in the online 4 week theory aspect. I absolutely love the in clinic experience. I feel like I can truly get a job. The people here were wonderful and nice to work with and be around. I highly recommend this course!

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