Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Firstly, what is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal generally consists of an IPL (intense pulse light) laser applicator, being applied to the desired area of treatment, emitting light into the deepest follicles of the skin, and initially killing off the bulb/root of the hair follicle. Once the bulb’s follicle is deceased, this prevents the hair cycle from returning.  The body produces anywhere between 6-10 cycles of hair growth, and each cycle of growth is generally grown every 4-6 weeks. For permanent results, each cycle of growth must be removed efficiently, within the proper cycle time frame.  Once the proper protocol is complete, the hair will not grow back within the desired treatment area, for 7-10 years. At this point, regrowth can be caused by hormonal influxes (ie. medication, menopause, puberty), and in which case, the client is recommended to come in for a reassessment, and another possible treatment years after the recommended sessions have been completed.  Laser hair removal requires very minimal maintenance.  There are many benefits of laser hair removal, and here are some of the reasons why you should consider the treatment: 


This is one of the best benefits of permanent laser hair removal, for the people who constantly struggle with ingrown hairs. By slowing down/stopping the hair growth cycles from returning, the coarse hair follicles no longer push through the skin’s surface, which initially avoids the infection of an ingrown hair. How cool! It will help with the appearance, feeling, and confidence of the patient.  Ingrown hairs are not welcome here!


This one, goes without saying, but of course is a great aspect of permanent laser hair removal treatments. Once you have finished your recommended treatment sessions, you are hair free! No more worrying about shaving before a date night, having to shave during the summer months, or bringing a razor with you on vacation. Wow!


Once you are hair free, you no longer have to worry about shaving quickly or improperly, so this helps to avoid razor burn/bumps. This is a great point for patients who constantly have to shave multiple times a week, have very coarse hair, and go through a razor every month.  If you have some of these issues, this treatment is definitely the one for you! 


Without any need for shaving, plucking, waxing, or sugaring your hair away, imagine the extra cash you could have in your pocket, due to not having to worry about the hassle of hair removal!  No more need to spend money on razors, shaving cream, or having to book any appointments to wax/sugar the unwanted hair away. Laser hair removal treatments may be slightly more expensive than the average waxing price, but with the goal of being hair free, and only having the pay the expense a few times, it makes it worth it in the long run!  


Laser hair removal has little to no maintenance, long term. It is a monthly appointment for 6-10 sessions to start, but once the sessions are completed properly, there is only one recommended maintenance after 7-10 years. What more could you ask for? IPL for permanent laser hair removal might be the best investment to make for yourself if you struggle with constant hair removal tactics. 

At the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics, we train our students the Biology & Knowledge of IPL, alongside with hands on practice for laser hair removal, pigmentation, spider veins, and acne! IPL has so many amazing uses in the aesthetic world, and is a huge part of being a medical aesthetican.  Do you have a passion for medical aesthetics? Interested in IPL Lasers? Visit us here.

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