How to Complete your Medical Esthetician Training in Winnipeg

Medical Aesthetics in Manitoba

At the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics we pride ourselves in being the foremost leader in Medical Aesthetics education in Canada. Unlike many other Medical Aesthetician training programs in Canada, mainly concerned with general esthetics such as make-up and hair styling, we focus on and specialize exclusively in Medical Aesthetics. “Medical Aesthetics” is not only in our DNA, it is literally in our name!

Medical Aesthetics Course Outline

Graduates of the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics are proficient in all major Medical Aesthetic procedures such as laser hair removal, acne removal, pigment removal, non-invasive fat reduction techniques, among others. As such, we have honed, sharpened, and perfected our skills in delivering the best Medical Aesthetics courses and training programs in Canada. Our confidence in our ability to turn regular high school graduates into professional Medical Aestheticians is supreme. This is, in good part, based on our dynamic and cutting-edge curriculum which boasts not only a solid theoretical framework and understanding of this vast field, but also a series of challenging case-studies (derived from our own real-world medical esthetics experience) intertwined within the rigorous and comprehensive practical hands-on training. Our graduates are well sought-after and several have joined various esthetic clinics and spas throughout Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba. Some have opened their own Medical Aesthetic spas and have realized their dream of financial independence and career/ambition fulfillment.

We have had our finger on the pulse with regards to the Medical Aesthetics industry as well as the Medical Aesthetician job market in Winnipeg in particular and Manitoba in general. As is with the rest of Canada and the world, the interest in esthetics in general, and medical esthetics in particular, have been steadily increasing for the last few decades in Winnipeg and Manitoba. The Medical Aesthetics industry now boasts one of the highest growth rates for any industry in 2019. This is great news for high school graduates as well as more mature individuals interested in both esthetics as well as Medical Aesthetics looking to enter into a secure, high-demand industry.

If You are not Satisfied with your Job, your Financial Situation, or your Life in General, you Should Consider Training for a Career in Medical Aesthetics!

Do you dream of a job where you can control how much you work? How much money you make? Who you work for? If yes, then you should consider taking a course in Medical Aesthetics. More importantly, do you dream of a job whose most important mandate is to make people feel better about themselves and the world around them? How does a career in Medical Aesthetics do this, you may wonder? Being a Medical Aesthetician means your daily work will help people feel more beautiful and confident which in turn leads to greater happiness and productivity thus helping society as a whole by helping one client at a time. With ever increasing demand for Medical Aesthetics services in Winnipeg, and the rest of Manitoba, the time has never been better to consider a career change. Pick the most specialized and grounded Medical Aesthetics training course in Winnipeg today and join the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics. Do not miss this opportunity to become a member of the elite Medical Aesthetics community and industry.

Why Consider A Medical Esthetics Training Course in Winnipeg?

There are many Notable Places In Winnipeg

Winnipeg Medical Aesthetics clinics, spas and estheticians, like those throughout Canada and the rest of the world, are having to keep up with continuous advances in the field of Medical Aesthetics. They are also obliged to keep up with growing demand for properly trained Medical Aestheticians. Generally speaking, the number of job opportunities for Medical Aestheticians has continued to steadily rise in Winnipeg and the rest of Canada. To meet this ever-increasing demand, we have structured a premium Medical Esthetics training program specifically suited to aspiring Medical Aestheticians in Winnipeg. Our Medical Esthetics training program will have you fully trained in Medical Aesthetics in just 6 weeks! Anyone with a high school degree looking for esthetician courses in Winnipeg and Manitoba should look into the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics to help realize her/his dream. Study to become a medical esthetician from the comfort of your own home for the 4-week theory portion of the program. During this time, you can continue to earn money by doing your regular job and incur no extra expenses for travel and accommodation outside of Winnipeg. Following this, you will participate in an intensive 2-week hands-on practicum at our first-class training center in Regina to develop and perfect the life-long skills that will be cornerstone of your new career and future. Travel outside of Winnipeg for this course is crucial as we have dedicated significant time and effort to consolidate and optimize the practical training program to give you the best training and experience possible. Outsourcing this task to a local clinic, although would save you from having to travel outside of Winnipeg, would make it very difficult for quality control and to guarantee anywhere near the standard of experience and training you should otherwise get. As one of your last students from Brandon, Manitoba said, “it’s only two weeks”; what you get in return, however, is priceless!

Life After Medical Aesthetician Training in Winnipeg

Successful completion of your Medical Aesthetician training will immediately open the door to several exciting career directions. This is not just in Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba, but you will be free to start a life anywhere in North America with your newfound skills and qualifications. The reason for this is twofold: first, the demand for Medical Aestheticians in Winnipeg and the rest of Canada and North America is high and continuing to increase. Second, the availability of properly trained and experienced Medical Aestheticians, with proper medical esthetics training from a reputable Medical Aesthetics training program, is low and has not kept up with the ongoing rise in demand. Options for different career directions include working at a medical esthetics clinic, a dermatologist’s office, spas offering laser treatments, Medical Aesthetics device manufacturing and testing corporations, in addition to medical esthetics and esthetics training centres. All of these options include various compensation arrangements that are profitable and usually partially based on commissions. The other option is establishing a Medical Aesthetics clinic yourself, or in partnership with a physician, or elevating your existing esthetics offerings to include components of Medical Aesthetics. The variety of options and possibilities allows you to choose the one best suited to your lifestyle, situation, and goals. Medical Aesthetician training will elevate you to a position of mastery of impactful cutting-edge Medical Aesthetic techniques. Examples include learning safe and proper techniques for hair removalmicro needlingCoolsculptingHotsculptingAcne removalcellulite removalscar removalpigmentation removal, and various other anti-aging procedures.

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